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Consultancy with broad horizons


Colin Bycroft - Profile

A highly driven professional with over fifteen years experience providing, and managing the provision of, technical and business consultancy. Colin's expertise is built on a solid foundation acquired while managing large teams of senior staff, founding and being director of a network systems integration company and more recently a consultancy company.


Skills Summary

Colin has a proven track record providing business consultancy: analysing businesses, their structure and operation then developing, drafting and implementing relevant polices, processes and procedures.


Colin also has a successful background managing & developing professional services departments (especially those delivering fee-earning consultancy) within the IT and Communications sectors including: defining, developing, documenting and introducing new services to be delivered on a project or lifecycle basis.


Colin has the ITIL Foundation certificate for IT service delivery and is a certified ISO27001 Lead Auditor

Current Position

Managing Director of and Principal Consultant for Vita Fugit Ltd. - providing certification programme management consultancy and interim management for a number of high profile organisations, some recent projects include:


An Agile Software Consultancy and Training Organisation

Provided ISO27001 and ISO9001 certification project and managed the IMS through the bedding in phase until it could be managed internally.


A Voice Recording Product and Services Supplier 

ISO27001 and ISO9001 certification and ongoing managed service.


A Leader in Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Initial certification to both ISO27001 and ISO9001 and still provide an ongoing managed service. 


The UK Arm of a Global Healthcare Consultancy

After initially taking a small business function through ISO27001 certification in 2010, I have continued to provide a managed service and the scope has now grown to the whole of the UK business (c400 staff). 

A Secure Hosting Company

  • Delivered a full initial ISO27001 certification project.
  • ISO27001 managed service (undertaking: regular audits, risk assessments, reviewing the Business Continuity Plan etc. 

A National Communications Carrier

This FTSE listed carrier and service provider is going through a major upgrade to their backbone network and needed the existing ISO27001 scope extending to include the new Next Generation Network.


A Secure High-Volume Printing Organisation

Based in Cornwall, this organisation prints documents such as the DVLA V5 document, National Lottery blank tickets, confidential direct mail etc. They had previously applied for ISO 27001 certification but were found to have a number of non-conformities; Colin delivered the successful certification programme.


A Government Body on behalf of a System Integrator

Extending the scope of the existing certification to include this RESTRICTED network.



Previous Career summary

Head of Consulting Services  Affiniti (part of KCOM, ex Kingston Communications) (2005 - 2006)

KCOM acquired Omnetica and merged it with its existing integration arm to form Affiniti. Colin became Head of the new combined Consulting Services department with a head count of 25 and 2.5m budget delivering:

  • Fee earning consultancy for data, voice, storage, management and security (technical and policy / certification);
  • Customer Training
  • Solutions Integration (Designing new services to be delivered by the Managed Services Division)
  • Lifecycle Consultancy aligned with the Managed Services Division


The Consulting Services Department, while under Colin's captaincy, consistently met or exceeded budget.


Consultancy Services Manager - Omnetica (2002 - 2005)

Siemens sold SNSL to equity house KKR in 2002; Colin continued to manage the fee earning consultants and was also given responsibility for the Solutions Integration department. While in this role Colin created the Lifecycle Consultancy team to provide enhanced services to customers via the Managed Services Division; created technology specific consultancy practices and introduced security policy / certification consultancy as an extension to the technical consultancy the department had traditionally delivered.


In 2005 when KCOM acquired Omnetica, due to his success with the fee earning consultants, Colin was asked to also manage the Customer Training department when the previous manager was seconded into a group responsible for merging the two companies.


Consultancy Services Manager Siemens Network Systems Ltd. (1997 - 2002)

Hired as an IT consultant, Colin was soon promoted to manage the team of eleven consultants delivering technical consultancy in fields relating to communications and networking.


Engineering & Development Team Leader Cray Systems Space & Defence (1995 - 1996)

Colin was headhunted into the position of Network Consultant at the European Space Agency Research & Technology Centre in Holland. The Engineering & Development team were responsible for designing and developing the campus wide network (approximately two thousand seats of multiple diverse protocols and operating systems). Within five months Colin was promoted to Team Leader of the four man team.


Joint founder and Director Zircomm Systems Ltd (1992 - 1994)

Zircomm Systems Ltd. was formed as a network system integrator specialising in the (then) cutting edge areas of ISDN and wireless LANs. Colin's technical and commercial skills helped create a turnover of 300,000 in the third year of trading from a starting point of zero.


Backpacking around the world (1989 - 1991)


SD Scicon (1985 - 1989)

Colin joined SD Scicon as an engineer providing pre and post sales support for the Micom data switches / multiplexors and NetLAN multiprotocol networking system.


In 1987 Colin moved into a sales position and was awarded New-Salesman of the Year and, in the following year won Salesman of the Year.


Databit Ltd (1978 - 1985)

Colin undertook a number of roles starting as a test technician and ultimately moving into the R&D department where he developed real time assembly language code for embedded processors in telex switching and routing equipment.


He attended day release at Northampton Technical College and gained an HTEC in Electronics and Communications.


Royal Signals (at the Army Apprentices College, Harrogate, and 21 Signals in Germany: 1972 - 1978)

Colin joined the Army as a boy soldier, attending the Royal Signals Apprentice College where he took an ONC in Electronics and Communications. He was then posted to Germany for three years where he provided communications support for the RAF.




Colin enjoys challenges and organising things in his personal as well as working life, to this end - since 2004 - he has: cycled from Land's End to John O' Groats, canoed the length of the Thames, swum the Channel as part of a four man team, run the London Marathon, and completed various other challenges including, most recently, cycling singlehandedly round the coast of Britain (3,500 miles).